The 5 ELEMENTS Therapy

The 5 ELEMENTS therapy

We all are made of Elements, the manifested form of matter in this life. Connecting the essence of the body with the 5 elements opens the path to achieving the harmony, maintaining the balance and creating new body memory across physical and emotional levels. Through the movement of our spirit we can change, releasing ourselves from the past patterns that hold us back. Understanding the roots of Creation helped me see and realize how activating the Elements within a human Body takes the patient to a completely new form of wellbeing which becomes long-term, as opposed to conventional treatments that only touch upon the surface. This was my main inspiration to create the Signature Treatment of Healing Waves - The 5 ELEMENTS therapy ™.



The existence without form. It is the flowing form of matter which is mobile and dynamic. It is the flow of consciousness from one body cell to another in the form of intelligence. Within the body, air moves in the form of oxygen and is the basis for all energy transfer reactions.

Session 1 of the 5 ELEMENTS therapy opens and expands the capacity of breathing, dramatically drops the shoulders which allows the patient to feel the spine get connected to the hips. Inner emotional blocks and sadness, which we normally carry and hide in chest area, receive an instant and deep release (people refer to it as a "I feel like a Superman") sensation.


The foundation substance, which manifests stability, permanence and roots. It represents the solid state of matter and all structures in our body such as bones, teeth, nails, hair and skin are manifestations of the earth element.

Session 2 of the 5 ELEMENTS therapy focuses on the lower part of the body, working from your knees and channeling the power to your pelvis area. This helps to absorb the earth energy into your legs, as the energy source ascends from the feet upwards. If the energy doesn't pass correctly through the leg area, forming various blocks and getting stuck, it affects the pathway for the life-force energy to rise from the lower part of the spine. Transforming this channel through the body is vital to generate new functional waves to the entire body (some patients refer to the effect of Session 2 as an "orgasmic walk").


The fluid of Life. Within the medium of water, all the elements maintain their function. The plasma in our blood is composed of approximately 90% water and carries oxygen, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients from one body cell to another.

Session 3 of the 5 ELEMENTS therapy is a real treat to the spine, with chemical energy flowing through your shoulder and later line that assists in profound connection of the lower body and the upper body. Body gets centered with the feminine and masculine sides coming in balance, symmetry, deep connection and harmony. This Session focuses mostly on the parts of the body, which store anger and fears. Patients report "to feel like a new, reborn person" compare the experience of it "as if you are born again as a child".


The power to transform the state of any substance. It is the ability which transforms solids into liquids and liquids to gas and perception to knowledge. Where there is movement, there is friction, which in turn ignites the fire. Fire rules the transformation of food into energy and regulates body temperature, digestion, absorption and assimilation of food. Fire is carried through the blood and plasma as heat.

Session 4 of the 5 ELEMENTS therapy radiates the body with the flame of attention to the deep fascia layers where deep traumas are stored. It penetrates deep to the connective tissue to open your lumbars and the spine, channeling the transforming force to your sacrum, and connecting through the joints. All this generated energy circulates with your Source and increases the human fire in the body, thus releasing deep emotional blockages which opens the energy pathways to feel to one's true purpose in life. Most patients report the effects of this Session as receiving "the confidence that you need to love yourself".


The space in which everything happens. It is both the field that is the source of all matter and the space in which all matter exists. It is here where the sound travels providing the medium for all vibrations to exist. Within ether, there is a pure presence of spiritual energy that manifests in its physical form as matter.

Piercing through the center of the body, Session 5 of the 5 ELEMENTS therapy connects your body axis working through your head, towards the sacrum, accessing extremely deep layers through the neck, nostrils, mouth which helps to align the whole body with the force of gravity. After adjusting the head to its structural place, the body starts breathing and functioning to a fully aligned state thus making all five elements work properly and re-enforce life source energy of the body to the brain. This Session accesses deeply stored memories and patterns and lets them resurface to establish yourself to your New Body. You actually feel the sensation of space inside and outside of the body. Patients describe this an "enhanced and elevated experience of a New Life Dimension and Awakened Being".